Large Restaurant Franchisee

This US-based restaurant franchisee owns several hundred locations spanning multiple states. The highly successful franchise owner views information security as a means of delivering on its promise to better serve and protect its customers.

The company’s network contains well over 1,000 point of sale (POS) terminals, and each branch has its own server that is monitored from headquarters. As an operational imperative—to ensure continued compliance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) mandates—the company needed the ability to log key activities across its infrastructure and track changes made to any critical files.


We have hundreds of branches and the integration between Tripwire Enterprise and Tripwire Log Center provides great efficiencies for our modestly-sized team. The capabilities enable us to attain and prove PCI DSS compliance. The comprehensive functionality has elevated our overall security posture.


Business Need
  • Ensure uninterrupted processing of credit card payments by complying with PCI DSS
  • Block malware specifically targeting POS terminals in the hospitality industry
  • Maximize the effectiveness of the IT team by using integrated solutions
  • Monitor physical network integrity and server health at a granular level, including activities of unknown devices appearing on the network

To fulfill PCI-related related requirements the company simultaneously implemented Tripwire® Enterprise and Tripwire Log Center™. Deployment was performed centrally from the headquarter’s offices using a proven implementation process to ensure efficiency and consistency across all branch locations. Tripwire Enterprise provides the company with industry-leading file integrity management capabilities while Tripwire Log Center ensures that audit-quality log data is extracted from all relevant sources

  • Achieved PCI DSS compliance through implementation of requisite file integrity management and logging capabilities
  • Overall security posture elevated through enhanced visibility, monitoring and management of environment by Tripwire solutions
  • Proactive detection of possible impending hardware issues prior to actual failure, avoiding downtime and data loss
  • Tripwire Enterprise reports on devices connected to USB ports, and tracks the effectiveness of security-related education across the company
  • Improved resource efficiency through the benefits of Tripwire solutions integration
  • Provided real-time intelligence for use against multi-vector malware threats


Tripwire is constantly innovating to keep us ahead of the curve and I’ve recommended both products to people in similar situations to myself.
Senior Manager of Network Security
Industry: Hospitality
Customer Since: 2011
Solutions: Tripwire Enterprise & Tripwire Log Center

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