Critical Security Controls from the Inventor of File Integrity Monitoring

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Change detection systems can generate massive amounts of data. What sets Tripwire apart is its ability to add business context to the change data to make it intelligible and actionable.

Create focus

Spotlight incidents that help IT and Security focus on what matters.

real-time intelligence

Quickly address trouble spots with actionable intelligence.

deeper insights

Reduce the guesswork from what happened, when and by whom.

smart integration

Save time by validating that the planned changes have actually occurred.

Reduce your Signal to Noise Ratio

Tripwire File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) has the unique, built-in capability to reduce noise by providing multiple ways of determining low-risk change from high-risk change as part of assessing, prioritizing and reconciling detected change. Auto-promoting countless business-as-usual changes reduce the noise so IT has more time to investigate changes that may truly impact security and introduce risk. Tripwire uses agents to continuously capture detailed who, what, and when details in real time, to ensure that you detect all change, capture details about each one, and use those details to determine the security risk or non-compliance.

Tripwire File Integrity Manager (FIM)

Automation Helps Organizations Keep Up With the Workload

File Integrity Manager uses automation to detect all changes and to remediate those that take a configuration out of policy. Integration with existing change ticketing systems like BMC Remedy, HP Service Center or Service Now allows for quick audit. This type of ticketing integration insures traceability and closes the loop. In addition, automated alerts trigger user-tailored responses when one or more specific changes reaches a severity threshold that one change alone wouldn't cause- for example, a minor content change accompanied by a permission change that was done outside change window hours.


Tripwire File Integrity Manager (FIM)

File Integrity Management and Security Controls

Tripwire provides the ability to integrate File Integrity Manager with many of your security controls: security configuration management (SCM), log management and SIEM. Tripwire FIM adds components that tag and manage the data from these controls more intuitively and in ways that protect data better than before. For example, the Event Integration Framework (EIF) adds valuable change data from File Integrity Manager to Tripwire Log Center or almost any other SIEM. With EIF and other foundational Tripwire security controls, you can easily and effectively manage the security of your IT infrastructure. 

Tripwire File Integrity Manager (FIM)
Tripwire Tripwire File Integrity Manager Tripwire File Integrity Manager Screenshot Tripwire File Integrity Manager Screenshot Tripwire File Integrity Manager Screenshot Get complete file integrity management (FIM) for robust change detection and automation.

Just Need a Basic, Standalone FIM Solution?

Later, when you're ready for policy capabilities or need automated remediation, you can easily upgrade to Tripwire Enterprise. Contact Tripwire Sales to learn more.