Cybersecurity for the Federal Government

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Secure government agencies against cyberattacks and meet evolving compliance requirements with system integrity monitoring and other modern foundational controls.

Department of Defense

Protecting the U.S. Department of Defense organizations is a unique responsibility. This enormous security challenge must be implemented in an environment of very large and complex networks. DoD organizations rely on Tripwire to provide modern security controls that form the foundation of their cybersecurity posture. At the same time, Tripwire provides them the visibility and reporting to achieve, maintain, and prove compliance with federal mandates such as NIST 800-53 and DISA STIGS/Checklists across a wide variety of platforms and system types. Out of the box, Tripwire can be used to:

  • Test and monitor servers and systems to meet DISA STIG, NSA, FISMA, CIS and other common federal standards for security configuration.
  • Provide both standard and customizable integrity rules to check on risk to systems, controls and networks.
  • Alert and report on changes to an enterprise, providing security status from low level administrative support to high level executive dashboards.

Civilian Agencies

Civilian agencies of the US Government have the challenge of executing large missions running complex computing systems while under steady threat of cyber security attack. Using Tripwire products, Civilian agencies take advantage of the industry’s leading integrity monitoring solution to detect system modifications in real time and then determine if these are approved changes or possible cyberattacks. You can take advantage of an enormous collection of security assessment policies that can be used to ensure compliance with FISMA, NIST 800-53, CIS, DISA and many other compliance standards.

Tripwire capabilities such as File Integrity Monitoring, Configuration Hardening, Vulnerability Assessment and Log Management provide foundational controls that satisfy multiple security compliance requirements. These include Audit and Accountability (AU) and System and Informational Integrity (SI) requirements. Use Tripwire for support of Plan of Action and Milestone (POA&M) reporting.

Systems Integrators

Non-Federal entities doing business with the US government must now meet specific requirements for federal compliance to FAR/DFARS for the protection of federal sensitive information. Tripwire can provide the same foundational controls and out-of-the-box compliance policies used by DoD and Civilian agencies to achieve, maintain and prove compliance.

Of particular urgency is the newly updated NIST 800-171 guidance for the protection of Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI). Contractors will be expected to comply with the 14 families of security requirements by the end of 2017, or be prohibited from doing business with the Federal government.

These security controls can be mapped to a subset of the NIST 800-53 requirements, many of which can be fulfilled today by Tripwire products and services. Contact Tripwire today to support you in your NIST 800-171 compliance program.

Governmentwide Acquisition Contracts

GSA Schedule 70
GSA Alliant

Tripwire and its partners have won multiple BPA’s and IDIQ’s within the federal market. Tripwire has also procured business with systems integrators for several large government programs. Contact your Tripwire Federal technology expert for additional information.

Support for Multiple IP Addressing Schemas

In addition to IPv4 support, Tripwire has spent several years preparing for and testing the IPv6 platform for compatibility with Tripwire Enterprise. Today Tripwire Enterprise supports both IPv4 and IPv6* addressing in its solution. Whether you have a complete IPv6 infrastructure or a “hybrid” IPv4 and IPv6 mix of systems, Tripwire is prepared to support you.

IP360 supports scanning both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. For configuring IP360 to scan IPv6 addresses, please refer to the IP360 Administration Guide.

*For the most efficient use of IPv6, Domain Name Systems (DNS) must also have support for IPv6 forward and reverse lookups.




Tripwire IP360 provides us the required set of tools and features to manage the vulnerabilities in the system, identify them at the onset, mitigate and address the issue to prevent impact to the applications. It is extremely scalable and flexible which makes [managing] and using it easy. The meaningful scoring method helps us [prioritize] the issue in hand and ensure it gets addressed in a timely fashion, due to less manual effort, it helps us maximize our productivity.
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